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Zhang Yulong, secretary of Zhenfeng county Party committee, visit Guangbo
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On the afternoon of March 28, Zhang Yulong, secretary of Zhenfeng county Party committee, came to investigate Guangbo. Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and CEO of Guangbo Group, accompanied.

Zhang Yulong and his party visited the boutique book workshop. Zhang Yulong was deeply impressed by Guangbo’s modern production lines, specialized production processes and intelligent workshop management. Later, he visited and gave condolences to Zhenfeng employees who are working in Guangbo, inquiring in detail about the situation of everyone. After knowing that everyone is well, Zhang Yulong showed thanks to Guangbo’s help and concern. He pointed out, Guangbo as one of the top 500 private enterprises, not only can bring high income to workers of Zhenfeng, but also bring about the improvement of vision and the improvement of vocational skills. Hope more people from Zhenfeng will be able to work, study and live in Guangbo.

At the following symposium, Shu Yueping introduced the general situation of Guang Bo group to Zhang Yulong. He showed, in recent years, Guangbo has actively explored the path of transformation and upgrading. On the basis of consolidating the manufacturing industry, new explorations and attempts have been made in the fields of new materials, electronics, fashion stationery and cross-border e-commerce. He said that the next step Guangbo will mainly improve manufacturing level and quality. Taking quality and high-end manufacturing as the general direction, on this basis, strengthen the introduction and training of Zhenfeng employees. While achieving enterprise progress, it also contributes to regional coordinated development.

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